Scientists: Take part

Green Zone connects scientists with students and their teachers during school closure.

Classes get a 40 minute, text-based, chat session with you and other scientists. They can also ask you follow-up questions.

Green Zone is hosted on the long-established I’m a Scientist platform.

Getting involved

“I have already taken part in I’m a Scientist”

  1. Log in to your existing IAS Profile
  2. Click Edit Profile and use the JOIN GREEN ZONE button to move your profile page to the new zone
  3. You’ll be notified of CHAT bookings by email like before. Sign up by commenting, e.g. ‘Hi, I can do this chat!’ and include the link to your new Green Zone profile so students can read about you in advance.

Before your first CHAT, please read our advice for answering questions related to coronavirus (Covid-19) on the briefing notes page.

“I am new to I’m a Scientist”

Green Zone is currently in a pilot phase so we have limited the scientists involved to (mostly) those who have already taken part. However, we are very keen to get new people involved soon.

The best thing to do is apply through the main IAS Scientist Sign Up page. Then select ‘Summer Term Zones’ on the form you are emailed.

We will then be in touch about activities running after the Easter break.

Any questions, contact